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Meltin' ELTON or Crystal GALE is card 158a/158b in the original fourth series.


The card shows a snowman warming himself at a campfire. He starts to melt.


The original b name was a reference to singer Crystal Gayle. The alternate b name was a pun on igloos. It seems to parody Frosty the Snowman, as well as what happens to snow when it's near heat.


In some printings of the fourth series, the b name was changed to Ig LOU, making card 158 one of the few Garbage Pail Kids with more than two names.

Other media[]

Meltin' Elton was one of the antagonists in the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series Christmas episode "Chris Messin' August". He works for Chris Mess along with Yule Tide and aids the crook in his schemes to ruin Christmas. In the end, the three were punished by Santa Claus and were forced to work in his toy shop until they had redeemed themselves.