Junkfood JOHN / RAY Decay
Series(s) Old Series 1
Giant Series 1
Card Number(s) 2a / 2b

Junkfood JOHN or RAY Decay is a card from the first original series of Garbage Pail Kids. It was also in the second Flashbacks series as card 1a/1b. It is card number 2a/2b. This card was also in Giant Series 1 (as card 2). Appeared as Junkfood John along with series 2 card Rappin' Ron on opposite side of a GPK school folder. Also appeared on the original GPK T-shirts.


The card shows a boy gorging on sweets and opening his mouth to show two rotting teeth.


The card jokes about the notion that eating too much candy and not brushing will make your teeth decay.