OTTO Whack / ELLIOT Mess
Series(s) Old Series 6
Card Number(s) 213a / 213b

OTTO Whack or ELLIOT Mess is card number 213a/213b from the original sixth series.


The card depicts a boy with his body parts scrambled around. His right foot is where his head should be, his left hand is where left right foot should be, his right foot is where his right hand should be, his head is where his right hand should be, and he has a peg leg.


The card may be mocking how factories sometimes accidentally make defective products, which are then rejected, as the character's shirt reads "Rejected By #216".

Other mediaEdit

Elliot Mess is one of the main characters in the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series. He is voiced by Michael Fantini. Here, he has a correctly-placed left hand that holds his disembodied head. He sometimes carries his head on his foot, which acts as a neck. Also, his shirt is blank. In early episodes, he mixes up his words. It is also shown in the episode Elliot Messed Up that he has good grades in all subjects except for English, where he has a D. He's also the only main Garbage Pail Kid to appear in a movie parody, he can be seen very briefly in the movie parody Oops: The Disaster Movie as one of the passengers on the Gigantic, a parody of the Titanic. Elliot often acts as the brains of the Garbage Pail Kids, though he is often as irresponsible as the other kids. In episode 10, Elliot developed a crush on Terri Cloth due to Heartless Hal shot him with his love arrows. In episode 4, it revealed by Terri Cloth that Elliot Mess has green eyes.