WES Mess / Trash-Can KEN
Series(s) Old Series 6
Card Number(s) 233a / 233b

WES Mess or Trash-Can KEN is card 233a/233b in the original sixth series.


The card depicts a kid made of garbage(e.g. he has a button and a bottle cap for his eyes, and a watermelon makes up part of his head. He also has an ice cream cone for one hand)


The card maybe a parody of the Giuseppe Arcimboldo painting, "Vertumnus".

Other mediaEdit

Trash-Can Ken appeared in the first two episodes of the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series. In both of the episodes, he is the leader of the Garbage Pail Kids and is only seen on a large monitor. Even though the other Garbage Pail Kids never see him in person, he provides the kids with valuable information about the crimes they have to stop. When Trash-Can Ken isn't around, Split Kit acts as the leader. It is never explained why he is absent in all the other episodes. In both of his appearances, he transforms the regular children into their Garbage Pail Kid personas by bathing them in light and proclaiming "Trash Out!" In both occasions, he has changed the Kids back to their original forms by the end of the episode. Interestingly, when Trash-Can Ken never appears in the later episodes, the main five Kids are also never seen in their regular forms and only appear as Garbage Pail Kids.

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