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CHRIS Mess or SANDY Clod is card 254a/254b from the original seventh series.


The card depicts a kid dressed as Santa, mugging another kid.


Lampooning Christmas and the whole Santa Claus belief. The fact that the character is mugging someone may be an allusion to how Christmas is supposed to be about giving to others.

Other media[]

Chris Mess was the main antagonist of the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series episode "Chris Messin' August". Along with his friends, Meltin' Elton and Yule Tide, he plotted to ruin Christmas by impersonating Santa Claus and convincing children that they were now supposed to be naughty if they wanted any presents, and that the nice kids would get whatever he felt like giving them. Chris Mess even managed to convince Split Kit that it was okay to be naughty. The other Garbage Pail Kids set things right by enlisting the help of the real Santa Claus. By then, Chris Mess had revealed his true intentions and gave all the children that misbehaved awful presents that wouldn't be accepted by anyone, not even by those who are familiar with the quote "It's the thought that counts". Santa Claus forgave the children when they promised to be good from then on and punished Chris Mess and his goons by forcing them to work in his toy shop until they had redeemed themselves. Kris Kringle then rewarded the Garbage Pail Kids (including Split Kit) for their actions of saving Christmas by giving them each a present.