New Wave DAVE / Graffiti PETEY
Series(s) Old Series 1
Giant Series 1
Card Number(s) 30a / 30b

New Wave DAVE or Graffiti PETEY is card 30a/30b from the first series. This card was also in Giant Series 1 (as card 30).


The card shows a boy with an orange mohawk wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket tagging a building.


The card represents how some teens think it's "cool" to destroy property. It also parodies the image and fashion associated with a sterotypical, anarchist "punk rocker" from the late 70s and early 80s. "New Wave" refers to a type of music and fashion of the early 80s, which shared some similarities with the Punk movement.


  • This card pokes fun of graffiti like Sprayed Wade. This may be the kid who spray-painted Wade with graffiti.