Slimy SAM / Lizard LIZ
Os1 38b
Series(s) Old Series 1
Giant Series 1
Card Number(s) 38a / 38b

Slimy SAM or Lizard LIZ is card 38a/38b from Old Series 1. This card was also in Giant Series 1 (as card 38).


The card shows a baby lizard in a high chair eating a fly. It is also notable due to the white and seemingly unfinished background which is rare among GPK cards


Represents the fact that lizards eat flies. It can also be seen as a parody of many works of science fiction which often portray aliens as reptilian-humanoids, such as the '80s miniseries V.

Other mediaEdit

Lizard Liz makes an appearance in the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series spoof of Indiana Jones called Idaho Spud as an antagonist. Her appearance is drastically altered where she is now older and wears a golden crown, a magenta cape and skirt, and a coconut bra. She and her lizard tribe attempted to have Idaho Spud and his friends for lunch, but was defeated by Hairy Gary.