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Phony LISA or MONA Loser is card 67 in the original second series.


The card shows the Mona Lisa in GPK style.


The card mocks the famous painting, the "Mona Lisa".

Other media

One episode of the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series had the gang visit an art museum and notice that the Mona Loser is frowning. They are then pulled into the painting and go back in time to 16th century Italy at the time the Mona Loser was painted. They learn that Leonardo da Squinty had vision problems and as a result, wasn't able to make a good painting of Mona Loser. In disgust, Senor Loser kicked Leonardo out. The Garbage Pail Kids helped him out by making him a pair of glasses so he could see better and thereby make a better painting of Mona Loser. The kids then go back to the present, where they see that their actions restored the painting to its proper appearance.