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Mad MIKE or Savage STUART is card 33a/33b from the first series. This card was also in Giant Series 1 (as card 33).


The card shows a barbarian boy wearing a leopard skin and wielding an axe and a sword while he is kicking a skull.


The card pokes fun at the popular belief that primitive cultures are savage and wild, and the weapons in the character's hands may be a reference to the barbarian invaders that plagued historical civilizations. May also be a reference to calling someone a “barbarian” or a “Neanderthal” as a way of reprimanding that person for behaving in a manner considered uncivilized or rude.

Other media

In Episode 5 of the Garbage Pail Kids Animated Series featured a movie called Savage Stuart: the Barbarian, an obvious spoof of Conan the Barbarian, Savage Stuart goes on a quest to save King Trashola's daughter, Princess Ugh, from the clutches of the evil Lord Pondscum. On the way, he befriends a pizza delivery boy named Corndog and bests such monsters as the cyclops One-Eyed Jack, the centaur Galloping Glen, and the gorgon Curly Carla. After finally making it to Lord Pondscum's castle, the heroes were doing fine until they wake up the castle's guard, Beasty Boyd. After making it past all of Pondscum's minions, Savage Stuart and Corndog finally rescue Ugh and return to Trashola's castle. King Trashola rewards the two heroes with a kiss from his daughter. The two are at first reluctant, as it was believed that Ugh was ugly, until it was shown that Ugh was beautiful after all. Unfortunately, Savage Stuart and Corndog were turned into frogs after Ugh kissed them.